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I am sure that many of you have wondered about what it will be like when you enter the working world as a professional musician. This is a question that is not specific to just musicians. Most students ask themselves the same question during their college career: What will life really be like when I graduate and start working?

Jason Parker, a jazz trumpet player in Seattle, shares some of his experiences as a working musician. The title of his blog post, “What It Really Means to be a Working Musician” sheds light on topics relevant to many people currently working as or aspiring to be musicians. As you read the article, you will find a theme throughout the topics that Jason discusses: multifaceted careers as musicians. During several parts of the article, he mentions the numerous ways in which he earns an income as a musician. He draws specific attention to the fact that he has to do many different types of gigs and jobs in order to maintain his career. Take a moment to read his article and reflect upon how you want to create your career as a musician:

What It Really Means to be a Working Musician by Jason Parker


Career Strategies for Musicians

Many of you may already be aware of Angela Myles Beeching’s recently released new edition of her book, Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music. In a recent blog post, Angela discusses the need for today’s musicians to take a big picture approach when considering their careers. She offers 5 key career strategies for musicians in this post. The latest edition of Beyond Talent discusses many additional strategies to help develop a lifelong career as a musician. Take a peak at what the music career expert has to say:

Five Key Career Strategies for Musicians by Angela Myles Beeching

The Relevance of Writing Skills

Many students ask me for specific tips on how to promote their careers as a musicians. Clearly there are some obvious answers to that question, including networking, rehearsing as much as possible, and attending professional development workshops. However, there are some more subtle ways in which you can improve your career: honing your writing skills. This may seems trivial to you, but I would challenge you to think about the implications of having exceptional writing skills. The landscape of today’s music industry requires you to promote yourself in numerous ways. Many of the ways in which you will promote yourself will require writing on your part. For example, you might want to promote an upcoming performance event by submitting an article to a local newspaper. Or maybe you want to create your own professional website showcasing your career as a musician. Take a look at the following article about how your writing skills can positively impact your career:

7 Reasons Why Writing Well Will Help Your Music Career

Expanding your job search

Expanding Your Job Search: Consider a different geographic location

Many students begin their job search with a narrow geographic location in mind. However, you may find it easier to secure a job by casting a wider net. Bloomberg Businessweek reveals the nation’s best cities for recent college graduates seeking employment (Di Meglio, 2010). Check them out:

1. Houston, TX
2. Washington, D.C.
3. Dallas, TX
4. Atlanta, GA
5. Austin, TX
6. Minneapolis, MN
7. Pittsburgh, PA
8. Denver, CO
9. Columbus, OH
10. Fort Worth, TX
11. Boston, MA
12. New York City, NY
13. Tulsa, OK
14. Oklahoma City, OK
15. Kansas City, KS
16. Philadelphia, PA
17. Cleveland, OH
18. Charlotte, NC
19. Phoenix, AZ
20. Dayton, OH
21. Salt Lake City, UT
22. Milwaukee, WI
23. Cincinnati, OH
24. San Antonio, TX
25. Richmond, VA
26. Knoxville, TN
27. Tucson, AZ
28. Seattle, WA
29. Portland, OR
30. Tampa, FL

Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the cities by compiling the following information: unemployment data, cost of living indices, number of entry-level job postings, and average salaries. You can find additional information about each of these cities at the following website:

Music career advice coming soon!

Calling all UofL music students and alumni-

Whether you are majoring in Music Education, Music Therapy, Performance, or Composition, this blog will serve as a resource and tool for those of you seeking career advice for the field of music. I will update the blog approximately one time per week with relevant information, news, and general advice for building your career in music. Feel free to contact me with particular requests of items you would like to see included on this blog- I encourage your input!

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