Working Musicians

I am sure that many of you have wondered about what it will be like when you enter the working world as a professional musician. This is a question that is not specific to just musicians. Most students ask themselves the same question during their college career: What will life really be like when I graduate and start working?

Jason Parker, a jazz trumpet player in Seattle, shares some of his experiences as a working musician. The title of his blog post, “What It Really Means to be a Working Musician” sheds light on topics relevant to many people currently working as or aspiring to be musicians. As you read the article, you will find a theme throughout the topics that Jason discusses: multifaceted careers as musicians. During several parts of the article, he mentions the numerous ways in which he earns an income as a musician. He draws specific attention to the fact that he has to do many different types of gigs and jobs in order to maintain his career. Take a moment to read his article and reflect upon how you want to create your career as a musician:

What It Really Means to be a Working Musician by Jason Parker