The Relevance of Writing Skills

Many students ask me for specific tips on how to promote their careers as a musicians. Clearly there are some obvious answers to that question, including networking, rehearsing as much as possible, and attending professional development workshops. However, there are some more subtle ways in which you can improve your career: honing your writing skills. This may seems trivial to you, but I would challenge you to think about the implications of having exceptional writing skills. The landscape of today’s music industry requires you to promote yourself in numerous ways. Many of the ways in which you will promote yourself will require writing on your part. For example, you might want to promote an upcoming performance event by submitting an article to a local newspaper. Or maybe you want to create your own professional website showcasing your career as a musician. Take a look at the following article about how your writing skills can positively impact your career:

7 Reasons Why Writing Well Will Help Your Music Career


Is Majoring in Music Practical Anymore?

One of the most common statements I hear as a Career Coach for music students is that “majoring in music is just not practical anymore.” Although the field of music is most certainly changing and will continue to do so, there are still many opportunities for professional musicians. Gerald Klickstein maintains a blog entitled “The Musician’s Way” that I think you will find extremely useful. One of his posts concerns this topic of practicality. Click on the following link to read his post:  Music: The Practical Career?