Fitting Career Development Into Busy Schedules

As both students and musicians, it is often hard to find enough time in the day to focus on anything other than rehearsing and studying. It may even seem impossible for you to squeeze in even one more activity into your schedule. So how can you ensure that you spend enough time focusing on your development as a professional in the field of music? David Cutler, author of The Savvy Musician, wrote an article about the topic of finding and making time in your busy schedule. Take a moment to read the article and think about the ways in which you can adjust your schedule to spend time on your career.

How Do You Find the Time? by David Cutler


Advocacy As It Relates To Musicians

This week I would like to focus on the topic of advocacy. Advocacy in the most general sense can be interpreted as the act or process of supporting a cause. The concept of advocacy is particularly significant for the field of music. Learning to act as an advocate for your services as a music educator, music therapist, or music perforer will greatly assist in your development as a professional. I discovered several articles and podcasts related to the topic of advocacy. I would like to share with you one video in particular that discusses advocacy and its importance. Although the video specifically talks about advocacy as it pertains to music therapists, the same concepts apply to other areas within the field of music. Below you will find the video, along with a couple of informative blogs/articles.

What is advocacy and why we do it

Kentucky Music Educators Association: Advocacy for Music Education

Consider Joining a Professional Association

Regardless of what program you are in, there are always opportunities to become involved in professional associations. What are the benefits of professional associations?

  • Connection to other professionals in your field (opportunities to network)
  • Opportunities for professional development in the form of journals, conferences, and workshops
  • Job postings
  • Latest news and events for the field
  • and MORE!

Here is a small list of professional associations for music majors: –┬áNational Association for Music Education – Orchestra of the Americas – Chamber Music America – The International Horn Society – Guitar Foundation of America – Opera America – American String Teachers Association –┬áCollege Music Society – International Society for Music Education – Kentucky Music Educators Association – Kentucky Music Teachers Association – Music Teachers National Association – American Music Therapy Association Students – Mid-Atlantic Region American Music Therapy Association job opportunities – American Music Therapy Association – Music Therapy Association of Kentucky (MTAK) – National Band Association – Conductors Guild – American Bandmasters Association – American Choral Directors Association – Society for Music Theory – Music Theory Society for the Mid-Atlantic